Thursday, March 29, 2012

Puppy Pictures

Since I'm bored and haven't posted much lately I decided to post puppy pictures of Jackal for some of my readers who haven't been following since he was a pup. These are from March and April 2008.

Jackal (right) and his sister.

He had tick bites he wouldn't stop chewing so we made him an e-collar out of a shooting target lol.

He has a leaf in his mouth!

His first toy was an adorable squirrel.

Cheap toys are the best lol.

He was soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!


  1. Mom's doing a lot of that "SQUEEEEE!!!" thing, seeing Jackal's puppy pix! And look at how good Storm was with him!
    Great post!
    Play bows,

  2. How adorable!!! I love the double playbows from Jackal and Storm!

  3. Cuteness overload! :D Jackal is so sweet!


  4. Aw....I haven't seen these!! Jackal really was the most adorable puppy - look at his little face! SQUEEEEE!



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