Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Coupler Leash

I got one of those coupler leash things for Storm and Jackal and tried it out today. They were confused at first because they are used to circling behind me and going to the side of the road by themselves lol. After jerking around on each other for a few minutes they settled in beside each other. I did notice it sort of encourages them to pull on me though because they are used to walking on opposite sides of me, but they eventually figured it out and walked by my side nicely. :) I like it. It's so much easier than juggling and untangling two leashes and it makes them stay closer together. I figured out if I walk on Jackal's side I can still tug on Storm (she's way worse about pulling) without bothering Jackal at all. I only give light tugs (for you horseback riders it's like giving a half halt) just as a reminder. I'm not jerking on her neck or anything. She just gets excited and needs a reminder. I'm pleased with it so far. I'm betting it will be good for biking too, but I want to train them on it some more before I try that lol.

Sorry I haven't been blogging. I've been busy with working, going through all of my stuff for a yard sale we're having next month, working out (sprint intervals and just added weights back in) and working on the horses' hooves (read their blog for more on that http://rdxhorses.blogspot.com). Also our bank is finally cooperating with us (so we're busy getting estimates, ordering materials and scheduling help for repairs) and we get to fix the horse barn!! I'm so excited! No more feeding the horses in the rain lol. One day it was raining so hard that water filled Chrome's bucket faster than he could eat it. He had sloppy, messy feed all the way above his nostrils. I'm surprised he didn't drown, just kidding!! Anyway I'm excited about that. :D


  1. I'm imagining how my dogs would handle a leash like that. Scrappy would be stopping to mark his territory every three seconds, and Midge, who likes to run ahead would be getting pulled back, or maybe Scrappy would end up getting dragged. It would be funny to see.

  2. LOL! Yeah Jackal gets dragged a little and potty breaks are a bit difficult, but it makes them pay a little more attention to what everyone is doing. I think they are going to figure it out and it will make walks sooooo much nicer. I wish I could trust them off leash, but I don't, especially on public roads. :)

  3. I've used a coupler with the family dogs and loved it. Haven't used one with my pack but now that I remember that there is such a thing I think I'll dig one up!

  4. Pretty cool and they look great!

  5. Laura, lol glad I could be of help. ;D

    Janine, they are doing great but Stormy needs to be brushed lol. She's so tufty! Gotta love huskies. :D


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