Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Muscovy Ducklings First Swim

Wow I took this video and these pictures back in February! I've been so bad about updating the blog. You wouldn't believe how much the ducklings have grown since these pictures were taken. They look like adults with all their feathers in. Sadly we only have two females and seven males. :( So most of the males will have to be rehomed. I don't want them to start fighting or harassing the females. Oh well, momma duck is already sitting on another clutch of eggs. It's so funny how the turkeys have adopted the ducklings. :D I wish I had a video of them. It's too funny watching turkeys, ducks and chickens following each other across the yard. Maybe I'll get a picture sometime. One of our Midget White turkey hens is also sitting on some eggs too. That would be so cool if she would hatch them out all on her own. :) Anyway here are the pictures.

And here is the video of the ducklings first time down at the pond for a swim and a bath.

I'll try to get updated pictures of them soon. You'll be surprised at the difference. :) I love how Chrome helped us herd the ducks to the pond. So cute!

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  1. What a good herding horse Chrome is :D



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