Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A day at the lake with Jackal!

I LOVE this picture!!!

I'm not trying to sound egotistical, but I took some really awesome pictures of Jackal at the lake on Sunday! :D We had been working hard all weekend and I suggested a break at the lake for some fishing, so we took Jackal and went with a friend. While the guys fished Jackal and I went for a walk. I'm so proud of him because he walks nicely and ignores the people, bikes, kids, scooters, cars, etc. The only thing he whines about is other dogs, but he's not out of control or anything. Whining is just annoying.

To be perfectly honest the reason I don't take Jackal to new places that often is because when he's excited, nervous, bored, etc. he WHINES! So annoying! And true to form he did it that day too, but another thing that made me so proud is that after a while he relaxed and stopped whining. I just have to be patient and wait him out lol. Eventually he'll stop whining altogether (I hope!). So anyway here are the pictures!

Watching a couple of Labs barking behind a fence across the street... and yep, he was whining the whole time, but he stayed so I ignored it.

I LOVE his ears in this shot and thought the perspective was interesting. :)

Stopped on the cool pavilion and I took off his leash and collar since he was confined and couldn't run off after a squirrel lol. We stayed here until he stopped whining.

And was rewarded with this awesome shot!! I love his expression.

Went back to the boys and waded in the lake to cool off a little.

While he was watching some kids get on a boat at a nearby dock I got this great shot of his eye. :D

I like how the sun sort of back lit him in this one. Nice effect I think. :)

I ADORE his expression in this picture!!! He is so cute!

The quality of this shot sucks, but I had to add it. He bowed and I thought "That would have been a cute shot" so I asked him to bow and he did it again lol! I love training my dog and then using what he learns for photo ops!

I was sitting in my camp chair talking to the guys and he eventually settled down and stopped whining. He even got to the point where I could get up and walk off and he was quiet. Yay!

He eventually went to sleep (forgot to add that picture). I was so happy he could learn to relax so well away from home. Such a good boy!

The color was messed up on this one so I changed it to black and white and it turned out awesome!! I still can't believe my boy is four years old already!

And I got a closeup of Mr. Sleepy Eyes.

I'll post the other non dog related pictures tomorrow. So what do you think?


  1. Jackal looks so beautiful! :) And really seemed to enjoy. Good job with the pictures!


  2. Oh! I love these pictures of Jackal - you got some gorgeous ones! My favourite one is the close-up head profile which is a bit "backlit" - also loved your other photos from the lake in your next post!


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