Thursday, March 22, 2012


Our fall garden that we planted last year (see post here and here) has done fantastic and is STILL producing!! I'm not a fan of vegetables, but I LOVED the greens we grew (kale, mustard greens, turnip greens, etc.) in our fall garden. The flavor is amazing. If you've ever tasted the difference between store bought eggs and farm fresh eggs, the difference is just as amazing with garden grown greens. They are so fresh and delicious. Since the garden produced more than we can eat (including what we gave to the friends who helped us plant it) we are blanching it and freezing it so we can have greens all summer (I don't like greens grown in the summer because the bugs chew on it and that grosses me out lol - I know I'm supposed to be a farm girl, but I'm weird like that!). :D

Our fall garden sort of got away from us after the recent warm temperatures and rain, so we had to do some weeding (from the edges, the black cloth kept weeds from growing next to the plants) and thinning out. Sadly the broccoli went to seed before it produced much, but that was a bit of an experiment so no big loss.

Still waiting on our cabbages to produce. They take a while.

We're now working on setting up our summer garden. We're following the Square Foot Gardening book (link to Amazon here) since we don't have much space. Here is what we have so far.

The squares are made from putting nails in the frame every foot and then tying cotton string on them. Now we can plant according to the layout we drew out on graph paper. :)

Down the center is our soaker hose. Totally the best way to water in the summer because it doesn't burn the plants or run off. :) I'll update with more pictures when we get set up for beans and potatoes. And of course once we plant. I'm excited about the garden this year! The success of the fall garden has given me hope that this one will turn out too. I can't wait!

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