Monday, February 18, 2013

Random Pictures

 Sorry I haven't been posting much.  I've been so busy with moving and everything.... and catching up on everyone's blogs.  Here are a couple of pictures....

  Storm was so freaked out by the horses.... probably because the donkey stomped her a few months ago.  Look at her eyes!  They are so dilated.  She stayed close to me and I kept them away from her.  :)


I finally had to put them in the empty chicken yard so I could take pictures of the horses (which you can see at my other blog here -  Jackal was NOT happy about being locked up!

 First he tried getting out.... that didn't work!

 Then he tried barking at me... that definitely didn't work!

Then he just gave me sad puppy eyes.... how can you say no to that face??

I hope you are all doing well.  :D  Talk to you later!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

2013 Goals & Updated 30 Before 30 List!

Everyone thought it was perfectly okay for me to change my 30 before 30 list so here's the new list!

30 Before 30

1. Take Chrome on an overnight camping trip.
2. Stand in two places at once.  COMPLETED 1-3-13
3. Go to a live horse race.  COMPLETED 1-16-12
4.  Participate in a cattle drive (with Chrome or on one of their horses)
5.  Ride a/my horse on a beach.
6.  Take a trip on an actual train.
7.  Ride/drive a horse drawn carriage/wagon/sleigh.
8.  Go out on a sailboat.
9.  See/Pet/Swim with trained or wild dolphins.
10.  Print out a coffee table book of my photos.  COMPLETED 11-14-12
11.  Learn more about photography.
12.  Learn American Sign Language.
13.  Do something special for my fifth wedding anniversary.
14.  Learn some sort of dancing (belly dancing, ballroom dancing, etc.)
15.  Learn to play the piano.... again.
16.  Learn to paint (oil, watercolor, etc.) and paint a mural in my new house.
17.  See cross country in person, like WEG.
18.  Train a horse from weaning to basics under saddle.
19.  Take dressage lessons on Chrome.
20.  Teach Chrome to pull a wagon/carriage/buggy/etc.
21.  Take Chrome to an SCA event!
22.  Take Chrome to a Competitive Trail Ride and finish safely.
23.  Take the class and get my concealed carry license.
24.  Ride a purebred Friesian!
25.  Conquer my stage fright and show Chrome in a local dressage schooling show.
26.  Learn archery (bonus if I can do it on horseback!)
27.  Have my own adorable little Papillon puppy!
28.  Go zip-lining!
29.  Finish building my new house.
30.  Go kayaking!

I took out the things I had like working on my self confidence and learning to live in the moment because those are things I will probably be working on my whole life and it's impossible to show proof/share with you on the blog lol.  I want to try and learn new things so I tried to focus on things like that.  :D

And here are my goals for 2013!

1. Work on my 30 Before 30 list.
2. Finish building my new house and sell my old one.
3. Teach Jackal a new Canine Freestyle routine.
4. Continue to learn, practice and improve my photography skills.
5.  Go fishing with my dad and my husband lots and lots!!!!  ;)

I did terrible on last year's goals and didn't complete a single one so we won't even go into that lol!!  What are your goals, plans or resolutions for the new year?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Learning to be a real photographer....

I'm so excited!  My mom introduced me recently to a friend of her's from school and we've hit it off so well.  She is teaching me to take pictures with my camera in manual setting where I set the ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture by myself!  She also let me shoot pictures with her awesome Canon, but I'll have to show you those pictures later because she hasn't sent them to me yet.  I'm so excited to have someone explain all of this to me because I never could figure out how ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture all worked together by reading about it on the internet.  I think I'm finally figuring it out.  Anyway I'll let the pictures speak for me.... what do you think??


I'm sooo LOVING living back in my old hometown.  All of these pictures were taken from my PORCH!!!!!  I've missed all of the wildlife.  :D 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Tack Shed

 I forgot to post these pictures from a little while ago when we built a new tack shed at the new place (it was before my husband officially got the job, but we were planning on moving regardless if he got that job or some other one).  It was freezing cold and we had to build it in two days so we worked hard.... well I took breaks to take pictures of the pups as you will see hehe.

 I know it's blurry but it's so awesome I had to post it.  It looks like they are bouncing off of each other LOL!

This is awesome!  I got all three of them running together!  I just wish Jackal hadn't been cut out...

 Storm always has the most expressive face!  What do you think she's thinking here?

 This expression is easy to read!  She's giving me the stink eye for calling her back lol.

So I guess I should show you the tack shed LOL!
The foundation.

 Jackal supervising from on top of the foundation.  :)

 He finally gave up and was sunbathing.....

 ..... and dozed off lol.

 My hubby sorting the pieces.

 Walls up!

 Working on the roof.

 It's coming together.  We were freezing, but it was worth it.

 Mac gives the stink eye too!

 My hubby took a break to warm his fingers in Jackal's fur.  :)

 Is he not the cutest??

 The roof was tedious!

All finished!!  One of the parts on the door was too long so we weren't able to put those on.  We will get to it eventually lol.

Well I hoped you enjoyed seeing our hard work and our cute pups.  :D

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Foggy Doggie Pictures!

It was foggy this morning and the boy dogs went with me to feed the horses, so I got a few cute pictures.  Even though the yard is fenced I don't let Storm out unsupervised so she didn't go with us since I was distracted by the horses.  She will get to run later though.  First let me introduce my mom and dad's dog Mac.  He's a nine year old Yorkshire Terrier mix.  Mac and Jackal LOVE each other and have so much fun playing.  :)

 I LOVE this picture of Jackal!!  That expression is SO cute!


I'll have more pictures soon.  :D

Monday, February 4, 2013

We've Moved!

We have moved to our new home!!  I wrote all about it on my other blog here:  There's a bunch of pictures of the horses too.  Here's a part of what I wrote just so you know what is going on if you don't want to read the other post.

"Okay now that things have settled down a little I'm back to share pictures and more information about my last post.  For new readers I'll recap what has been happening the last few years.  A few years ago my husband hurt his back and was on disability for six months.  When short term disability ran out and he was still unable to go back to work he lost his job.  So he decided to go back to school since he could get around he just couldn't do his job (it involved carrying heavy equipment, climbing stairs, long hours, etc.).  He went for a computer tech/programming type degree.  With only one semester away from getting his associate's all of a sudden he got a job!  It's a GREAT job!  Better than the one he had when he first got hurt.  They still want him to finish his associate's and he still wants to finish his bachelor's but all in good time.

So this awesome job (which my dad found for him because he's awesome lol) is in my old hometown which is over sixty or seventy miles from where we were living.  Since I'd been wanting to move back anyway that's just what we did!!  For now we are staying with my parents until we get our apartment built.  Now I'll explain the living situation.  My parents bought ten acres way back in the early nineties when I was a little bitty kid.  Sometime (I forget the year) they built another house on that ten acres for my grandparents so they could move closer to family that could take care of them as they got older (which is a good thing since my grandpa just had a mini stroke a couple of weeks ago-he's okay, but I'm glad I'm back home during all of this).  Then a year or so ago they started building a small apartment for my aunt because she was having severe back troubles and was going to move closer.  For private reasons of her own she decided she didn't want to move so the apartment sat half finished.  When my husband got the job my parents said we could have the apartment if we help finish building it!!  :D  So for now we are in a guest room, but eventually we will have our own apartment.  It's going to be soooo cute!  I can't wait to show it to you.  I might do a video tour sometime, but right now it's just studs up, no sheet rock. "

The dogs are loving it here!!!  I don't have pictures, but I'll get some tomorrow when the weather is better.  Storm spent her first almost six years of her life in this house so she's as happy as can be.  :)  Jackal likes it because he can play with my mom's Yorkie mix.  They have so much fun together.  The best part is that there are ten acres fenced entirely in field fencing/hog wire (whichever you call it depending on where you grew up) that they can run and play on.  They are having sooooo much fun!  My dad has a four wheeler I can ride while they chase me too hehe.  So anyway I'll post some pictures tomorrow.  :)