Sunday, March 5, 2017

Amethyst Four Weeks!

I have some more videos for you of Amethyst!  She is so stinking cute!

We finally moved Garnet to the birthing stall and moved Coral and Amethyst in with Topaz.  This was really her first time ever meeting another goat.  She loves the bigger stall and yard for sure!  Check out the video below of her meeting Topaz and Jackal.

Amethyst can be a bit of a pest.  I've spoiled her.  I'll admit it.  Being around another adult doe is a good thing though because she can help discipline Amethyst and teach her the rules of being a goat much better than we can.

Amethyst has been taste testing feed and hay since she was a week old, but now at four and a half weeks old she is eating grain with her mother every day.  She loves to stand in the feeder and eat.  The old chicken nest box is her own personal bunk bed.  I need to try to get pictures of it.  She sleeps up there!  Check out the beginning of this next video to see her get up in the nest box where she sleeps.  Don't worry, it's the last one.

Here is a picture of her climbing out of her box to stand in the feeder and eat.

Here is a picture of her eating grain out of a bucket for those who can't see video.

Amethyst always cheers me up and makes any bad day better with her cute baby antics.  I can't wait for more kids to be born, but I'm afraid Am may always be my favorite. :D

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