Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Leash Training Amethyst

I finally put a collar and leash on Amethyst.  Isn't she cute???  Check out the video below to see her reaction.

She was freaked out at first, but then she climbed into my lap for comfort and it was okay.  She's dragged the rope a few more times since this video and is definitely getting more comfortable with it.  She still doesn't like me to hold the rope because if she feels trapped it freaks her out.  That' definitely not an unusual reaction.  Below are some photos from March 7th of her just being cute.

 She loves her table!

 The forked tree is another favorite.

 Sorry they are blurry.  I was getting late and you know how cell phones are.

 I wish her head hadn't been behind the post.  Look how high she jumps!

 She's adorable!

 Topaz wanted some attention too.

Amethyst refuses to be ignored!

She can be such a little pest sometimes hehe.

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