Friday, March 17, 2017

Amethyst's First Solo Trip Out

First off, sorry all the pictures are blurry.  Not sure why... cell phones meh.

Today was Amethyst's first trip outside of the barn (to our fenced front yard) without her mom, well at all actually.  I love how curious and brave she is.  A lot of almost six week old goat kids would be crying up a storm if they were separated from their dam.  Amethyst is very confident with us as her "herd" though and loves going exploring.  Coral can't go with us because she's still to wild and would be impossible to catch.  Enjoy the pictures.

 She only stayed out for about five or ten minutes.  We want to keep the trips short and sweet for now.  Eventually I'll finish her leash training and we will go for walks, but that will probably be after she is weaned.  For now she gets to enjoy being a baby.

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