Saturday, March 11, 2017

Leash Training Garnet and Topaz

When Garnet was getting close to her due date (3/7) we moved her to the birthing stall by herself, but she was so stressed out we ended up putting Topaz back in with her.  Coral never minded being alone, but Garnet is a lot younger and this is her first time being pregnant so she was understandably scared.  So they have been hanging out together and we've been impatiently awaiting babies.  Topaz is due 3/13.  Unfortunately we haven't seen babies from either and Garnet is overdue.

Since Crockett was in the pen with them for two heat cycles it's possible she got bred on the second one, so that puts her new due date out to 3/18.  It's so frustrating! I'm ready for babies.  It was easy to tell when Coral was getting close because she's an older, more experience doe, but with first timers they sometimes don't show signs until right up to giving birth.  Some don't start getting milk in until the day they give birth or after giving birth.  That makes it hard to guess how close she is.  I think it's a safe bet to say we have a couple more weeks to wait though.... sigh.

In the meantime though, we're working on leash training so they can go for walks and get out of the barn.  The fence rows are already starting to get covered in honeysuckle and that's one of their favorites so they love that!

 Aren't they so cute in their collars?

Garnet was so fascinated by the camera that she wouldn't stay back far enough for me to get a picture.  Lucky for me she decided to perch her front feet on a branch and posed for me.  Goats are so funny how they like to get their hooves up on any raised surface, even when it's a branch barely an inch off the ground.  It made for a cute picture.

 Topaz standing against the fence.

 She finally got far enough away that I got a nice picture.

She doesn't even look pregnant in that picture.  If she is pregnant and only a couple of weeks away from giving birth, I'm guessing she will only have one baby like Coral did.  She's not big enough for multiples.  Singles aren't uncommon for first time mothers though.

Then we took them out....

 Topaz loved it.  She was fairly willing and didn't struggle much.

Garnet on the other hand put up a bit of a fight.  Nothing like Coral does, but she still resisted somewhat.  She's only recently tamed down enough for us to pet her, so that doesn't surprise me.  Once we got them to the honeysuckle she calmed down and started eating.

 She definitely looks pregnant from this angle.

Just because he was posing cute, here's a picture of Rebel.  :)

Well that's all for now.  I didn't get many pictures because it started raining and we ran back to the barn lol.

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