Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chrome's Monthly Progress Report

Date: 3-19-11
Age: 22 months
Height: 15hh ¼in (60.25inches)
Height Gain: Hm . . . it didn't show any gain. He's almost two so I guess it shouldn't surprise me that his growth has slowed down.
Weight: Approximately 825lbs.
Weight Gain: If the weight tape is accurate he actually lost a little weight. He still looks good to me though. :)

Progress: I've stuck with the clicker training and I'm very proud of myself and my colt for the progress we've made. :) I haven't done any walking because I hurt my foot, but as soon as it's better we are definitely going to get back on the roads. :)

Goals: I want to have him hauling in the trailer this month and I would like to get him gelded this month as well. I can't put it off too long because it will get hot soon. The flies and ticks are already showing up. I want him confident in the trailer though because he'll probably be disoriented as he's recovering from the sedative. I would have the vet come out here but a farm call is so expensive (especially considering it's only ten minutes away)! I want to also keep up with the clicker training and go walking. Along with focusing on the trailer training I also want to focus on hoof training because he's doing so well and I'd love to impress our farrier with his progress. :) She loves him already, but she'll love him even more when he's all cooperative and helpful lol. I guess that's all for this month.

Oh and we didn't do any clicker training today. I had to work and then go to a friend's wedding. I did get some pictures with Chrome when we got home from the wedding since I was actually dressed nice, so enjoy!

A kiss.

"Where's your treat pouch mom?"

He started to walk off but his arched neck is so cute I went ahead and posted it hehe.

Led Zeppelin wanted attention too. :)

I'm glowing (photo overexposed) in this one, but Chrome is handsome so that's okay. :)

I love his smile! I'm glowing again, but had to add it.
I'm amazed at how high he gets his head considering I'm 5'11".

Hugs! And he didn't even try to bite lol.

I love how laid back this horse is. I can drape myself all over him and he doesn't care. :)

*sarcasm* Doesn't he just look soooo concerned with me hanging all over his head? *sarcasm*

More hugs.

That's all for today. I wish I could post some of the wedding pictures I took. It was so beautiful. Unfortunately I don't have permission to post them on the internet, so we'll just have to enjoy the horse pictures. :) Tomorrow I'll post a few pictures I got of me and Jackal today. I got some cute ones. Oh and thanks to my hubby for taking the pictures!


  1. Looks like you got some great shots. I have to say looking at you posing with your horse, "You don't like him much , do you!" LOL I love to see that kind of relationship between people and horses. Very cool!

  2. That is a beautiful dress. I am so glad your spirits are lifted. But do be careful with that toe. Take is easy longer than you want to in order to let it heal completely.

    Mango Momma

  3. Thanks guys! Just wanted to mention Mango Momma that the reason my feet aren't in the picture is because I switched to some heavy duty foot gear (boots) when I went out to the pasture lol. I know if he stepped on my foot it would still hurt, but the boots should protect from further damage. Of course he didn't do anything, but I am being super protective of my poor little toe. Thank you for the reminder though, because I was tossing around the idea of going biking today . . . :D

  4. There is nothing better than hanging all over your horse. Beautiful!

  5. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL COUPLE you are...both of you just magnificient and sooooo sympatic!!!!

    I really loved to see this sweet rendez-vous between you and Chrome.....FABULOUS!!!!

    He gets always more beautiful.....he must be sooooo sweet!!!!!

    ciao ciao and wish you a great day!!


  6. Your husband did a great job taking pictures!! I can't believe you are in a dress, I won't be thinking about that for another 3-4 months!
    Chrome looks so sweet!

  7. Such a wonderful photo session! You look great together. Chrome sure is a big boy. Have you thought about riding him any time soon? My Yalla! isn't even 600 pounds yet, I don't think.

  8. Oh yeah, I wanted to say that it looks like Chrome's mane is changing from gray to black- crazy!!

  9. Love the photo shoot. You can tell where you got into it and was very relaxed. Those last few photos are my favorite. You and Chrome are both very photogenic. The one with his mouth yawning and you draped over his head cracked me up! LOve it!


  10. Woo! We just LOVE the pix of you together!!!


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