Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Storm's Snow Pictures Finally!

Well, I finally resized Storm's snow pictures from the ninth. :) That took me long enough right? Well I hope these pictures of my gorgeous, photogenic Sibe are worth the wait. I sure think so, but I'm sort of biased. :D Enjoy!

Follow the leader. :D

One of my favorites. Run Stormy! Don't look back!

She was not growling, but she sure looks vicious.
I think she had just yawned or licked her lips lol. Love her!

I love those blue eyes. :)

Camouflage at it's best!

That's just the beginning of the pictures I have. I'll get the others posted as soon as possible. I hope everyone enjoyed seeing these and please don't forget to vote in the poll for Jackal's March trick. Thanks guys!


  1. Those are GREAT!!! Nothing like a beautiful girl in some beautiful SNOW!!!
    Play bows,

  2. I love the goofy happy face the best. Of course the mean face is kind of scary, but I know you are just kidding around.


  3. She is definitely in her element!


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