Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Stills - The Letter P

This week's challenge for Sunday Stills is the letter P. I had fun finding things that started with the letter P but unfortunately my lighting wasn't great so most of them came out blurry. Oh well the point is to have fun and I did. :)

Puppy (technically an adult, but still hehe) & Pillow

(Vitamin D) Pill




Pinto Beans

Pointy Brush LOL




I had fun! Check out more Sunday Stills here.


  1. neat idea on the stills. i may start something similar!

    hey, when you can, can you respond how much you feed storm and what her weight is? how much she gets per day total in oz or grams? when i read the books they all said 500 g. i thought that was a lot and i was right. she gained 6 lbs and it snuck up because she's so fluffy it's hard to see on her. the 2 lbs off are already doing her a world of good. anyway, when you get a chance... let me know. thanks!

  2. Great P pictures. Like your puppies and the poker hand.

  3. I call my old man Scrappy a puppy still. When you're little or when you're cute, you are always a puppy. I took a couple of pictures of my purse too. I haven't uploaded them yet, so I don't know if they came out any good. I'm going so blind that I can't tell from looking at the review on the camera.

  4. I love them and the fact that they're random while yet not being random... am I making any sense? LOL!

  5. Oh, by the way, your animal pictures are really great. I see you put copyright on them, but have you ever considered having a name for your photography? Mine is Sprite Photography (I'm sure you noticed though ;)

    Just a suggestion.

  6. You found some clever "P's" to photograph. Nice job!

    The first one makes me smile. So sweet!


  7. Great pics, love the poker hand..:-))

  8. Lots of 'P's here. :)


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