Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Cute Dogs

My dogs were pulling the whole "We're starving! Feed me!" act on the back deck this morning. It was so cute!


  1. Oh, how could you resist? I bet they got fed just as soon as you put the camera down.

  2. Who doesn't want food? Food is what I like best! Even better than my Mum. Oops, sorry Mum...

    I think both Jackal and Storm are well-mannered, not jumping around like my poorly-mannered brother Mint :-)

  3. They look rather patient...and cute, too!


  4. They don't look like they've missed a meal. My dogs know exactly when they eat and if I'm even five minutes late, they come and get me. Glad they look so contented and full in the last picture. Very cute.


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