Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gelding Question

Thanks everyone for your comments on gelding Zeppelin. I don't think I really asked my question clearly though. I am definitely gelding both Zeppelin and Chrome. I'm gelding Chrome as soon as I have the money. Zeppelin is the one I'm not sure about . . . I've heard donkeys can have more complications than horses and older equine (he's four) can have more complications than younger ones. So considering the fact that he's 'higher risk' do I have him gelded now or after he's tamed? If there are complications it would be impossible for me to catch him, hose him, exercise him, etc. So the question isn't should I geld him or not (because I am), it's do I geld him now or later? I'm worried if something goes wrong I won't be able to take care of him. If I wait until he's tame (could be a year or more) then I would be able to care for him properly. Does that make any sense? Thank you guys!

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