Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jackal's Shy Progress & New Poll

I forgot who suggested Pet Botanics rolled meat as treats, but whoever it was thank you! You are a life saver. I love this stuff. It's easy to cut up and doesn't leave my fingers greasy. I actually don't feel like I have to wash my hands after using it like I would if using dog food (germ phobia lol). It's fully cooked and smells so good I would almost eat it lol.

Anyway I got the camera set up and had him get on the couch. Then I grabbed my roll of scotch tape and started to tear off a piece. As soon as he saw it he offer shy all by himself! I was so excited. The best part is I caught it on tape. :D

After working on Shy I decided to work on crawl (our January trick) because we haven't done anything with it in so long. Another breakthrough! I had been asking him to crawl under my arm, but this time I asked him to crawl without my arm over his back and he did it! He didn't pop up until after I clicked. He did so well. I'll try to get video soon. I'm so happy he's figured it out. Now I get to work on duration. :)

Now it's time to vote on the poll for our March trick.


  1. I think he's looking better already! So cute!

  2. I forgot to tell you. I tried this on my little cairn terrier and he could care less about the tape. I tried the tape in different spots as well and nothing. He just stared at me with tape on his face, LOL!! I laughed so hard! Great job!

  3. Ha! Ha! I loved your little gasp of delighted surprise in the beginning!

    Good on Jackal! Well done!

    I just voted on your new poll as well - hope I'm not too late - although I see that very few people have voted on what I did (Go to bed) - people tend to see that as a boring thing to teach when it's actually SO useful for every day life you wouldn't believe it and really worth teaching!



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