Saturday, April 9, 2011

Biking With The Dogs

I'm determined to get back into shape (and exercise the dogs), so I've taken up biking (along with a three times weekly Yoga/Pilates routine) with the dogs again. The dogs love running with the bike because they can go as fast as they want, however they tend to forget that we have to go back home and wear themselves out. I'll have to work on keeping them slower so they don't get too hot. We went two miles. I hope that wasn't too much starting out.

I actually got the guts on the return trip to get a little video since they were calmer and slower. It's pretty short.

They were hot and tired when we got back. :)

Does he look too hot? His tongue looks purple. I put him in the bathtub and ran cold water over his feet and then let him lay down in the living room again. He's fine now. It's been about ten minutes and his breathing is normal. In fact he's sound asleep. :)

Anyway, I'll try to take video tomorrow of us working on his March trick. It's cute.


  1. Hey it is great exercise for your dogs..but check the pads of their feet often the pavement can really tear up their pads. Maybe you have some gravel roads or grassy trails:)

  2. i think you can google signs of overheating for dogs. (sluggishness, disorientation, white gums, red tongue) getting him in a bathtub was a good idea. he may not of even overheated but it's not a bad idea. I actually went back to running with my dogs so it forces them to jog. i let them off-leash in the forest where there is water and shade so they can run, but in the sun, they are forced to go my pace...i'll go back to biking them when i have complete reliablity from horse/wild life chasing because it's too hard for me to exercise 2 dogs separtely, then myself so i have to be able to handle them both on the bike. so far juno is doing great at it and called off a dog she was going to go see the other day. so there's hope!

    storm looks AWESOME. i love her cute little stride. juno has a bit of a wiggle to hers. it made me sad to realize she's so different from a normal husky. but she's a lot better and there's less wiggle now.

  3. That looks like so much fun! I've tried biking with my dog, Pugsly, but he always tries to pee on everything so it doesn't usually work out.

  4. You can ride a bike, walk dogs, AND take a movie at the same time? You are one talented lady.

    Mango Momma

  5. WOW! Shooting with the camera while riding a bike and handling 2 dogs??!! Talk about multi-tasking extraordinaire!!!!! :-)



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