Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Stills - Your Camera(s) and Gear

This week's Sunday Stills challenge is to take pictures of our camera and gear. I took a few last minute pictures (I'm such a procrastinator) and I think they turned out okay. I despise taking pictures indoors because my lighting sucks, but here they are. :)

I took a picture of my camera in the mirror because
I didn't know how else to take it lol.
It's a Fujifilm Finepix S8100. :)

My camera case. My camera fits in it perfectly and there is a pouch on front and also a zipper pocket in the lid. I like it because it's small and easy to carry around. It also pads the camera when I hit it on something. :)

My tripod. It was cheap, but I love it.

Another view.

One last view of my tripod.

My battery charger. :)

And my rechargeable batteries. :D

Well I had fun with that. I can't wait to see everyone else's pictures. :)


  1. Very nice. Cleaver with the batteries and charger! :)

  2. The all important battery charger and batteries. Those have died more than once on me.

  3. Wow! I didn't think of using a mirror! I didn't take any pics this week as I only have one camera and couldn't figure out how to take a photo of it. Duh! Thanks for being smarter than me!


  4. I need to see if the tripod I have will work. Great idea about the charger and batteries. I use rechargeable batteries also.

  5. Nice camera! I should look into getting a tripod some day. Do you use it much?

    Aren't rechargeable batteries great? That's what I use in my camera and I love them. A good charge lasts me for a day of picture taking and then I just charge them again for next time.

  6. My first point and shoot was a fuji finepix, its a good camera and any tripod that stabilizes a camera is a good one, I use the Energizer lithium batteries...:-))

  7. hey you inspired me to try to do this too! we'll see if i keep up with it.

    btw: did you ever see this blog about the rescued donkey?

    i follow it. he's so cute. the newer entries tell of him settling in...


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