Friday, April 8, 2011

Jackal's April Trick

We have a winner! This month I will be teaching Jackal to close a door. This could be either really easy or really difficult so cross your fingers for me lol. I'll try to get a video up of our progress so far with 'Get your leash' in the next day or so. :)


  1. Well some dogs are naturally more pawy then others and others love using their noses (usually collies!). For service dogs we prefer dogs use their nose as it doesn't scratch up anything but it's usually harder to teach as it requires a strong nudge depending on the drawer. Many dogs are reluctant to really push in hard with their nose. Paws are usually easy on things such as doors but dogs can actually have a hard time using their paw to close a drawer as many start try to hit on top of the drawer instead of the side which is problematic at lower heights.

  2. it's easy. loki does both nose and paw tho. train the nose because you don't want scratches on your door. i should have trained only nose but i took both not thinking about scratches so now he does either. sigh. but at least he can shut it all the way pretty hard too! funny...

  3. Thanks for the tips guys. I'll definitely learn from your mistakes and teach the nose only lol. I wouldn't have even thought about the scratches either. :D


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