Thursday, April 7, 2011


I just thought I would post some pictures I took on the fifth so you don't all forget me lol. I hope you enjoy. I should be back to regular posting soon. :)

Sitting in my window checking out my seedlings. I wish the window wasn't so dirty.

Climbing on momma's back. Silly chicks.

Dogwood tree bloom.

Dogwood tree bloom.

Dogwood tree bloom.

Looking up through the Dogwood tree.

Honeysuckle vine.

Some sort of thorny tree growing on the lease land. It's around ten feet tall.

The thorns are almost as long as my finger!

And they are sharp!

My neighbor's sheep.

That's all for tonight guys.


  1. I love your chicken pictures, hope to have chickens myself next year. Thus I shall live vicariously through you.

  2. Your chickens are beautiful! It looks so springlike--we are still drab and dreary up here. I can't wair for spring to get started.

  3. Cute chicks, and great shots of the dogwood. You can keep the thorns..:-)

  4. How could we ever forget about you?! :-)

    And gosh - I couldn't believe the size of those thorns!!!!!



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