Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More storms, but not bad this time.

First off I have some pictures of a rainbow (or rainbows) from the storm yesterday. It was so cool. I hadn't ever seen anything so bright and pretty before. The pictures don't do it justice.

Double Rainbow!

The color wasn't as sharp in this one, but it shows the gray clouds.

Turned the camera over to get more of it.

UFOs! This is why I don't put much stock in UFO pictures because with my flash on it looks like I have them all over the place lol, but really it was debris from the wind.

And then today we had another storm, but don't worry it wasn't nearly as bad as it's been. We just barely got the edge of it. I did get inside just in time to avoid an interesting hailstorm. I haven't experience many of them in my life so they always leave me in awe. The hail stones weren't huge, about the size of skittles and thankfully it didn't dent my car. Here are some pictures.

Those pictures were taken under the cedar trees so it wasn't as thick. I wish I could have gotten one of it covering the road, but it was too far away to get the camera focused. Here's a video.

And just because I love him. Jackal!

Doesn't he look comfortable??

Looking through the slats of my couch at him buried under my pillow.
I was laying practically on top of him lol!

This whole week is going to be rough on the storm front. Please keep the families in your thoughts who have lost family. I heard on the radio today that in one state (not my state so don't know details) there were twenty three deaths in one night! These storms have been rough. Hopefully the ones later this week won't be as bad.


  1. The storms are just crazy.

    I saw that Jackal is entered in Honey's dog dance competition. Man, the deadline is coming up faster than I would like. Good luck.

    Mango Momma

  2. Jackal reminds me of my Dobbie. She must always be buried underneath something. At night, as soon as I'm settled in bed, she scoots under the covers and slides up with her back against my back. It's like having a heating pad on my back. I love it!

    Your storms have been really bad this year. Hail can be very scary and cause a lot of damage. The most recent one we had was golf ball sized and caused skylights and windows in many folk's homes to shatter. A lot of cars had huge dings and dents in them, too. Horses and cows that didn't go to shelter were covered in swollen welts. It was awful!

    The double rainbows that you had sure must have lifted the spirits, though. So pretty....UFO's and all! :D


  3. can't wait to see your routine! woo hoo!

    WHAT? you don't believe in UFO's? shaking head in disbelief... haven't you ever watched the holy bible of UFO's, the X-files? shouldn't that make you a beliver? and you call yourself a farmer... ha! ;) (kidding...)


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