Sunday, August 26, 2018

21 Day No TV Challenge - 6 days in...

Six days ago I randomly ran across an article the someone had written about how her life had changed since giving up TV for thirty days.  I had already been thinking I spend too much time watching TV so I was intrigued.  I decided to give it a shot, but opted for the 21 day challenge because that's how long it takes to break a habit.

I'll admit the first couple of days were easy because I was busy with work, but by four or five days it was starting to get really hard.  Today was the worst!  I was trying to come up with loopholes and ways to get around completing the challenge without considering it failed (bargaining?).  It made me realize I truly was addicted to TV (well binge-watching series on Netflix actually)!!  The reason today was difficult is because it's the first day I haven't been busy since starting the challenge and boredom finally set in.

Something else I realized today was how it always affected my weekends.  Whenever I had to do something on a weekend (even just grocery shopping) I would get angry because it was taking time away from catching up on a series I was watching!  I felt like my weekend was a waste if I didn't finish at least one season of some series!  I'm so embarrassed to even admit that.  It sounds absolutely insane and disgusting!!

So today after almost caving I did some more research on why watching TV is bad for us and I finally made the decision to cancel my NetFlix account (again... at one time I actually rarely watched TV and I want to go back to that).  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.  Not only am I saving money, but now I can't watch Netflix without renewing my account.  As of this moment right now I have no intention of restarting my account at the end of 21 days.

Yes I am still bored, but in the last six days I've done a lot of things that I hadn't been doing in the last couple of years.  Art, reading, purging apps off my phone, etc.  I've also been getting my chores done more quickly instead of procrastinating.  I've been going to sleep at more normal times.  I even completed something off my bucket list (more on that soon)!

So I guess my point is, if you've ever considered trying this you should do it!  It's only been six days and I'm already feeling so much better!

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