Monday, August 16, 2010

Lease Land Adventures

I took Chrome and Zeppelin out to the lease land for the first time yesterday and we had soooooo much fun!!! It was really hot so I hosed him off before and after. Check out these pictures of the fun we had.

I took him out on a lead rope at first and he was so excited. I don't think he's seen that much grass and open land in his entire life (which is really sad, but what can we do?)!

He was all about the grass lol.

I finally turned him loose and I promise if I were a nail biter I would have had bloody fingers in minutes. I was soooo nervous turning him loose. I kept imagining him going through a fence, falling, breaking a leg . . . but everything went great. I just can't help worrying. As you can see the grass has gotten tall, but we have a guy that is bush hogging it for us. It's just a lot of land so it'll take a while. Checking out the cut grass.

Here he spotted the pond for the first time. I don't think he's ever been around one before. I didn't get any pictures because I was busy, but he did walk in the pond eventually. He didn't put up nearly as much of a fight as I would have expected lol. He's such a willing boy. My husband got it on video tape, but I can't find my software for putting it on the laptop. :(

I was so proud of my boy. He stayed pretty close to us and never played hard to catch.

He enjoyed stretching his legs!! I haven't seen him run like that in months. :)

Sorry some of the pictures are blurry. I had the camera zoomed as far as it would go on some of them.

Zeppelin finally got brave enough to come out with us and they had so much fun playing!

Chrome was running, bucking, rearing, just being silly!

Zep was stuck to him like glue lol. I love that short donkey neck! :)

Slamming on the breaks lol. I wish his head had been in the picture. :)

Chrome and Zep playing.

I LOVE his expression in this picture. :D

I was surprised how clumsy Chrome could be sometimes. He needs more freedom to run and build up his muscles and coordination. I am SO happy we got this lease land! He sure was beautiful when he'd open up and gallop.


Got a fly. Those green headed flies and the big mean horse flies were bad.

Sorry about the copyright on these last few pictures, but these are my favorites and this is a public blog. I want to be sure someone doesn't decide to steal them and sell them in case I decide to do something with them. Isn't he just gorgeous??

That last one is my favorite. :) Thanks for joining us for the fun. I can't wait to take him out again.


  1. Chrome is a beautiful horse! Your favorite picture is my favorite too.


  2. Such great photos! Love your Donk too! Looks like they had a ball

  3. That is a big adventure. I can understand being nervous letting them loose on that big open space, but they did great! Magnificent!

    Mango Momma

  4. Wow! That does look like fun! There is something so charming about animals of different species playing together. Zeppelin and Chrome seem to really love each other. I didn't know horses like to observe and investigate like dogs do! This is a touching post. Thank you!


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