Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Relief From The Heat Wave

We've finally had a break in the heat wave. It's only been in the upper 90sF for a couple of days. It's supposed to last all week and I'm so happy. I noticed a difference in my energy and motivation almost immediately. Yesterday I took Chrome, Storm and Jackal for a walk and they had so much fun. I can tell you it was a handful dealing with them all at once. I think Jackal was the most well behaved lol. Note: Please don't leave comments about not having Storm on a leash. I know Siberian Huskies are unreliable off-leash but I've had her for nine years now and I know her better than anyone. Thank you. :)

Visiting with the neighbors.

I love how Chrome does his neck when he gets close to the dogs. Gorgeous!

Chrome and Storm walking nicely together.

I think Chrome is going to be a fantastic trail horse. Don't you?

He likes to sniff the asphalt.

Saying hi to more neighbors.

Chrome watching the dogs play.

After the walk Chrome and Zep went out to the lease land to graze for a few hours.

Silly Chrome walked off into the blackberries and briars. It was so funny when he realized they were prickly. He got out unscathed. :)

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  1. ahh, chocolate lab baby! :)
    Chrome is GORG..you say Fresian right? Seems Chrome is perfect name b/c I literally see a silver reflection off of him. Pretty baby!


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