Saturday, August 21, 2010

Introducing Sycamore

Back to our regularly scheduled program after our scare lol. This post was supposed to have been done like three days ago. :)

Sycamore is one of the little bucks that were born this spring. He was born 3-24-2010 and he's already so big!! We brought him home to keep Kudzu company (and so that he doesn't mate with his sisters by accident) because Jasmine went back to my parents house to be with the other does. I wish you could have seen him and Kud meet for the first time. Sycamore was not backing down at all! He's a bossy little boy.

Sizing each other up.

See how close Sycamore is to Kud in height? I haven't weighed him yet so I don't know how close he is in weight. He's bigger than I was expecting. :)

Sycamore has his ears back, his ruff up and isn't backing down.

Kudzu grimaces at my husband after receiving his dewormer lol.

A nice picture of Sycamore. Isn't he built so nicely? His mom is Alyssum, so are you surprised?

Alyssum, Sycamore's mom.

Another picture of Sycamore. Don't you love his belly splotch and sock??

Look how tall Aslan has gotten!! He's in a forever growth spurt lol!! My husband is almost 5'10" and Aslan's back is mid thigh. Wow!

I LOVE Aslan's expression! He looks like such a sweetheart (which he is to us), but you should see him around strangers. Although I had a friend over the other day who is a total animal lover (we worked together at the vet clinic) and he let her pet him!!

Aslan loves Sycamore!!

And the last is my absolute FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!


  1. What a handsome guy!!! Congrats on the new addition! I just LOVE the last pic of him and Aslan!
    Sorry to hear about the scare with Chrome and Zep! Yikes! Glad they're doing OK now.
    Play bows,

  2. He is so big! I am glad Kudzu has another boy goat to hang out with. Sometimes guys just want to be around other guys.

    But I do miss Jasmine. Sigh.


  3. Your goats are just lovely. I would love to have a goat, but I don't think the city would approve. Alas, life in the suburbs...


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