Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mouse Hunter

To my horror we recently sighted a mouse inside. There's no telling how it got in since this house is so old and poorly built lol. The reason I mention this is because I tried catching him with the old snap traps and had no luck. So I went ahead and got some sticky traps. Within an hour of putting them out we caught the little pest. Jackal was laying next to me on the couch when the mouse started squeaking. He flew off the couch and ran over there and grabbed it (obviously getting the glue on his face too dangit)!! We got it off his face (I was so grossed out that he touched it lol) and I'm just glad it didn't bite him. So I don't have a squirrel hunter, but I do have a pest control dog that hunts possums and mice lol! I let him think he caught it on his own without the help of a trap hehehe!


  1. way to go Jackal! And I hope you don't see any more of those critters

  2. If he learns to do it without traps, just let us know and he can spend a few days in our eaves and basement. Master caught a couple of mice doing the nasty right in the middle of the basement floor! Imagine!


  3. Hey - our kind of mouse hunting - wait until it gets stuck.


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