Thursday, August 19, 2010

Monthly Progress Report 8-19-2010 - Also Update on Yesterday

So far so good. Both Chrome and Zep seem fine so far. When I woke up this morning they were playing their stallion games just like every other morning. Zep was braying for breakfast as usual. My husband checked Chrome's feet before he left for work and they were fine. So far so good. Keep the good thoughts and prayers coming because from what I've read we aren't out of the woods for 72 hours.

As far as Chrome's progress report I'm very happy I took his measurements and pictures the other day because I really don't feel like doing it today. I'm sick from the stress yesterday and have a horrible headache. Also didn't sleep well.

Here is the picture I saved from our walk the other day.

Isn't he just gorgeous? With a little more impulsion from behind to round his back and bring his poll up a little he'd be in a dressage frame lol. All by himself. :) He's going to be so much fun to ride when he's all grown up.

Date: 8-19-10
Age: 15 months
Height: He is now 14.1 (plus half an inch), so with a half inch more growth he'll no longer be pony sized lol! -- Ponies are under 14.2 hands and horses are over. :)
Height Gain: Almost three quarters of an inch.
Weight: Approx 675lbs (294.8kg)
Weight Gain: About twenty five pounds.
Progress: Up until this stunt yesterday Chrome was doing great (still is so far, but I worry). He is loving having the lease land to graze and explore on. I haven't really worked on anything because of the heat, but in our daily handlings he's doing fantastic. He's also being a really good boy about us picking up his feet to check for heat. :) Also as a little side note: Zep is doing so fantastic. He now lets me pet him on the face, cheeks and ears all I want. I just have to be careful how I approach him and not turn to look at him directly. :)
Goals: My goal for right now is to keep them both healthy after what happened last night. After that I don't know. Probably more hiding from the heat. Can you believe it's 99F and it feels like a cold front has come through? That's how hot it's been. I can't wait for autumn so I can start working with them again. :)

Thank you all for your sweet comments. I really appreciate them.


  1. He's looking great. He gains as Cole loses. (Cole has been on a diet and lost nearly 100# so far--and I still have to probe to find ribs.)

    He is looking so grown up. I agree it is hard to work them in the heat. Anything over 80 is too hot for me, but I can't do a thing when it's in the 90s.

    I'm glad Zep is coming along, too.

  2. Love the picture with the arched little neck! What a cutie.

    That's great to hear about the progress you're making with Zep.

    Does he like his ears rubbed? Down near the base of them? I have yet to meet a donkey that didn't really enjoy this. If he likes it it would be a great way to continue connecting with him. Here's a video clip of Sheriff the donkey following me around to get ear rubs. (He was VERY shy at the beginning.)



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