Monday, August 23, 2010

Nighttime Escapades

Okay, I meant to write about this yesterday but really wanted to share the recipe so I didn't. On Friday night I let Chrome and Zeppelin stay on the lease land all night!! I was nervous but I figured they were big boys and they'd get more grazing done at night than during the day because it's cooler and the flies aren't as bad.

So anyway my husband and I were sitting on the couch watching a movie when someone knocked on the door (which always freaks me out because no one ever knocks on my door lol). It was a neighbor telling us that our horse and donkey were out on the road!!!! I slammed the door in her face, pulled on some shoes and grabbed the floodlight. Luckily she wasn't offended by my rudeness. She knew I was scared and in a hurry.

So I ran down the road while she drove behind me. She showed me the place she'd seen them, but they weren't there so she continued down the road while I checked the big gated to the lease land (it's on a side road that runs alongside the property). Sure enough it was open. The guy that is brush hogging the land for us didn't know we were putting the horse and donkey out there and he'd left it unlatched (it's getting a lock asap).

I found them about a minute later across the road grazing in a neighbor's yard. Chrome came right to me and let me put the halter on (grudgingly). Zep followed him back into the pasture and all was well.

I woke up Saturday morning at 6:30am (which is extremely early for me because I'm not a morning person lol) and couldn't go back to sleep wondering how they'd done during their first night. I went out on the back deck and scanned the lease land. Eventually I saw Zeppelin at the very far end just as he disappeared into some trees, but I couldn't see Chrome. So I donned my boots and camera and went looking for them.

I think Chrome was surprised to see me lol. They were both just fine, grazing along the neighbor's fence visiting with his gorgeous Katahdin sheep.

Even that early in the morning the big, evil horseflies were out. They always land right on top of Chrome's rump just out of his reach. Look at this miserable expression.

Luckily he's finally learned that if he comes to me I'll smack them and kill them. It took him a long time to figure out why I was randomly hitting him lol!! He soon realized I wasn't hurting him and that I was getting rid of the evil flies. :)

I also got to see the beautiful sunrise (I don't see it often - once again I'm not a morning person lol).

I wish the power line hadn't been in the way and that the tree line was lower or a little further away, but I still think it turned out nice. :)

Oh and I almost forgot. Here's how Zep takes care of his fly problem. :)

Check back tomorrow for a video update on my progress with Zeppelin. It shows how I can pet him and where. :) I'll also be sharing a fun video of Chrome playing with Jackal.


  1. Wow, the boys have been causing you a lot of stress, lately. I'm glad they got home safely.

  2. Wow! That sunset is really gorgeous.

  3. Hi! Zep is so cute and talented! I was going to email you this info, but since I don't have your email I wrote it here. Thanks so much for your comments! Your original comment on my "Motivations" post did get to me and I published it. It probably just seemed to disappear because it didn't go up immediately. The posts come to me first and then I decide what goes up. Naturally I posted up that comment and the other two. Thanks again! I will probably respond to them in a day or two.

  4. Haha I explained comment moderation to you... now i See you also have it!

  5. Oh! I read your second comment again and I know what happened. After you posted that long comment, you probably got an error page saying "too big to post" or something like that, right? That's happened to me. But in reality, it actually DOES post the comment! Oh Blogger... haha.

  6. So glad the boys are back safely! They look like they're loving the new land :)


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