Sunday, August 29, 2010

Time Flies - Edited to add third picture . . .

November 2009

Time sure flies by quickly. Look at how much my baby Chrome has grown!

June 2010

I edited the post to add the picture below that was taken today for further comparison. :)

August 2010

Also wanted to let you all know that my back is feeling much better. I still have to be careful what I do and what I try to pick up. The darn muscle relaxer makes me sleep all day though. I've slept more in the past two days than in the past week before that lol. I'm only taking half of one now and can sort of function now haha. :)


  1. Glad your back is feeling somewhat better!

    That Chrome is a cutie!

  2. Wow! Chrome is one tall puppy!!!
    Tail wags,
    PS: We're so glad your back is starting to feel better!!!

  3. He really is looking good ;D

    So glad your back is feeling better

  4. He is looking great!!! I want to come see him we will ride him and his mom together on the trails soon.... Traci

  5. he's really beautiful! and btw: NO we don't eat horse here in CH. They do eat it here and I see it in the stores, but i won't touch it! yuck. i wouldn't eat dog, why would i eat horse? :) i love horses. but i eat cows and chickens and turkeys and fish, but that's about all.


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