Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jackal's July Trick - 1st Session - Video

Jackal did great yesterday with his July trick. It was his first session with it and I'm using pure shaping, no luring. I have a short video to show you the very beginning stages of teaching it. I start out clicking for him showing interest, then lifting his paws and finally holding a paw over the bucket. I ended it there because he was doing really well concentrating and I didn't want to frustrate him or have him get bored. I have no doubt I could have gotten both paws in the bucket in one session, but I'm trying to learn to break behaviors down more. My timing is off because I'm tired and I was having trouble seeing the paw that wasn't on my side, but he still did great even with my mistakes (or misses, whatever you want to call it). :)

Here's the video.

I'll update soon. I'm going to try to get his poll for his August trick up on the first because I've been waiting way too late. :)


  1. Yes, her was doing really well!! He is lucky, as he has a wise trainer like you. My Mum would have just kept on doing it and made me frustrated. Also, Jackal was so cute putting his paw over the bucket unsurely, trying to figure out what is expected of him.

  2. I don't do a lot of tricks pure free shaping but it certainly is fun when I do!! Jackal is cute too watch, he tries so hard!

  3. I love doing shaping, especially with a clever dog who is obviously trying to figure things out like your Jackal.

    Mango Momma

  4. Obviously I am studying the behavior with much intensity. Just to get this right in my mind...when he just looked at the bucket you clicked, right?
    No real conversation.
    Then I got the feeling he was actually trying to find out for himself what might get a "click/treat". Right?

    So neat to watch the actual beginings of a new "trick" thank you for sharing.


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