Monday, July 25, 2011

Operation Brush Stormy!

I'm going to brush Storm every day this week and take a picture of the fur pile to see how much fur I can get in one week. I'm keeping each day in a separate grocery bag. I meant to get a before picture of Storm and forgot. I've brushed her twice last week. You should have seen her before that lol. Here are the pictures of what I got last night.

Jackal decided to pose for perspective lol! I think I could make him a sister out of all of the fur. :D

P.S. I made three posts today, but backposted them. I meant to post the day of, but I got busy so I just decided to do it all today on my day off. So don't forget to read those too. :D


  1. I can only imagine how much fur you can get out of her! The corgi is a horrible shedder but at least he is only 24lbs!! Even that little he still manages to get more than double the fur of the toller and lab combined.

  2. That's a lot of hair. Sheesh! Just think, during winter, you can knit something. (he he)I know, a hat for hubby!


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