Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why You Don't Shop When You're Hungry!

This is why I try not to go grocery shopping when I'm hungry lol. I try to shop healthier and smarter than this, but it's still not the worst I've ever done. :) I hope this isn't horribly boring. I'm having trouble thinking of things to blog about. Since getting back in shape and being healthy has been on my mind lately I figured I would share my shopping trip with you. If you have any suggestions of healthier or cheaper (healthy food seems so expensive unless it's made from scratch which is what we normally do) options I'm happy to hear them.

I stopped eating fast food and processed, prepackaged food in August of 2010, but lately I've been slacking because I've been so busy. I decided to get some quick options for when we're too busy to cook a meal from scratch and I tried to go with the healthiest options I could find, except for some weaknesses I caved to. I'm proud of myself for not getting sugary sweets or candy though, since I'm a total sugar addict lol! So here we go . . .

This is all of the items from the shopping trip except for non food items like toilet paper and laundry detergent. We will look at each group up close.

This is pet food. The Mackerel is for the dogs for their fish meals and the green beans are to try as treats for the horses. I hope they like them, but if they don't we'll eat them. :)

We normally do our meat shopping elsewhere so there isn't much. I use the ground turkey for a lot of things like tacos because red meat is sometimes too harsh for my stomach (I have a picky digestive system lol which is why I stopped eating fast food). The turkey pepperoni is for a snack to eat with cheese and cracker. Yummy!

These were the weakness items that we caved on. The onion rings (gross!) and chimichangas are for my hubby. The pizza rolls (yummy!) and corn dogs are for me. Corn dogs aren't my absolute favorite, but it's something quick and easy to eat on the go when I'm running late or when my blood sugar drops. If anyone has a quick and easy alternative here I'd love to hear them.

The hot dogs are for my husband when he needs something quick to eat. I love the all natural peanut butter and jelly we get. PB&Js are great for a quick sugar craving snack. :D Like I said I shouldn't have gone shopping hungry hehe.

Fruit! Yummy green bananas, nectarines, plums, grapes and my favorite fresh cherries!!

Onion and tomatoes for my hubby's fresh deli cut sandwiches. I eat them minus the onion and tomatoes lol! Cold sandwiches are great in the summer for lunches at work. Yummy turkey with bread and butter pickles. Dang I'm hungry again lol.

Veggies! We usually buy our vegetables frozen because we're both bad about letting fresh veggies go bad. That's why I'm so sad our garden didn't work out this year.

Some quickie, prepacked meals. This is for those busy days. I hate to buy this stuff, but it's so much better than greasy fast food. We still try to make everything from scratch and I actually consider these emergency rations hehe.

Canned fruit because like with the veggies we sometimes forget fresh fruit and let it go bad. I hate letting food go bad because it's such a waste of money.

More snacks I guess. The cereal is for my husband. I can't drink milk. The rice snacks are mine. They aren't too horrible for me. The crackers are to eat with the pepperoni and I especially appreciate the saltines when I wake up with sinus drainage related nausea and need something on my stomach. Sorry for all of the in depth information about my touchy tummy lol!

Well that's all. It wasn't the best job at shopping, but it wasn't too horrible. :) I hope this post wasn't horribly boring lol.


  1. Thanks for the sneak peak into your pantry. I think it looks like pretty good stuff. You have to have a some goodies that might not be the best for you, that's just the law of the land. :-) I eat way more fruit than veges, but I take a pretty good multi vitamin, for a little insurance. I cook all my own food by scratch too, it is so much better for you and quite a bit cheaper too. It's really a time thing. When the kids were little and into every sport under the sun (except horses) I utilized the crock pot quite a bit. We still cheated every now and then.

  2. That is one reason why I don't go grocery shopping. I am always hungry and we spend more money if I go! My OH does all the shopping.
    I love corn dogs and crackers and cheese! I could live off of cheese!


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