Sunday, July 24, 2011

Workout Week Two

Jackal goes from person to person and encourages them to keep working out. :)

Week Two

Strength Training: Thursday & Sunday
Yoga/Pilates: None. Oops.
Biking: Monday (2.1 miles) & Thursday (2 miles)
Walking: Monday (very short walk with the horse)

I didn't do so well this week! I was so much busier than I thought I would be. However the two days that I worked on the bowflex I did my whole routine 2 sets of 10-15 reps on 30 pounds of weight. :) I'm starting to notice a difference just with the things I have to carry on a daily basis. It's so much easier. I also have more energy. I just have to carve out the time. My husband took the dogs biking once without me so they got out three times last week. That's not great. I'll just have to keep working on it. I have a friend who is going to start doing aerobics and Yoga with me on Mondays so that will help in the motivation department. :)

Storm is always ready for Yoga.

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  1. Storm is looking pretty svelt too, now that she getting rid of all that hair. Even if you aren't "working out" per say, if your busy doing something yiu ar still getting excersize. I'm exhausted just reading what your routine is. Phew! I need a shower!


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