Thursday, July 7, 2011

Storm is in the doghouse . . .

I'm so upset with Storm right now (but I'm getting over it). She climbed the fence out of her yard, went around the house to the backyard, broke into two of my chicken pens and killed ALL of my chickens. There were three or four mixed breed chickens in the pasture that are still alive, but all of the important chickens are dead. We were using these chickens to reestablish a dying breed so they were pretty special (only three people in the United States have any of these birds). I have no idea how she got into the pens. They were secured really well. So well that we hadn't had any opossums or raccoons get into it. :( So she's in trouble, but I can't scold her because she'll have no clue why I'm upset since I didn't catch her in the act. I settled with brushing her (she's blowing her coat heavily due to firework induced anxiety) since she hates that. I think I'll give her a bath tomorrow. Naughty dog!


  1. Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry. She must be really clever, I wonder if the fireworks caused the weird aggression.
    One year on the 4th my Mom's dog totally freaked out about the fireworks (they weren't home) and chewed up all the baseboards, door frames anything wood that was within reach in the house, about $5,000.00 maybe more, in damage, she (the dog) was never the same after that. (neither was my Mom). Homeowners insurance wouldn't cover it since it was my Moms dog, Ouch! The dog was only 6 or so at the time she was Golden Retreiver mix. Weird.

    Obviously Storm is doing that (chicken chasing) instinctively and good for you for not punishing her after the fact, of course you wouldn't, so many people would though.

    That doesn't make it ok and I am truly sorry for your loss.

  2. Hopefully the brushing and bath torture will help you work off some steam. A sad state of affairs indeed, but you are right that there is no way to tell Storm she was bad at this point. Your real challenge is to figure out how that clever girl managed her escape.

    Mango Momma

  3. Oh, that's so sad!! Maybe the fireworks temporarily blew her mind too?

  4. That's what I do when Maggie does something bad that I didn't catch her doing and I'm mad at her. It worked really good for a while, but thanks to clicker training, she likes the grooming, now. I guess I could start to use bathing, too. I don't think she will ever like that.

    It is a real shame about the chickens. I'm sure you were heartbroken. Are you going to get some more?

  5. I'm probably not going to get anymore chickens right now. I don't like keeping them in small pens. As soon as we get all of the wind damage repaired (roof, horse barn, chicken coop) I might get some more just to have fresh eggs again.

    The fireworks weren't going off when she killed the chickens. It's just her instinct to kill small animals. Some Siberian Huskies can't even be trusted with cats or small dogs. Thankfully she's good with them, but I never trust her with birds or rodents.

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your chickens, I am glad you are already aware of huskies instincts to kill small animals. My family had quite a few in a row while growing up and was always told that once they get the taste of blood, there isn't any small animal safe anymore. The ancestral wolf blood pops out and instinct takes over.
    I hope she doesn't continue that behavior, what a bad girl! Sending wishes that your family gets back to normal soon.

  7. I'd never blame her Storm. You can't fight instinct. She knows better. I've scolded her for trying to go after one in front of me and she won't attack one in front of me, but that means nothing to her when she's alone. It's not blood she's after because she never eats them (she once carried my hamster downstairs and didn't inflict any damage), it's simply reacting to quick movements and fleeing prey. She's done this before. When she was two she killed all of my mom's chickens. It's simply a matter of keeping her away from them. I honestly thought there was no way she could get in. I'm upset and disappointed over losing those birds, but it's my fault, not hers. :)

  8. OMG! what a bummer. I'm so sorry. but it only confirms what i've wittnessed in Juno. small animals, of any kind, i cannot trust her. period. the way she looks at chickens and piglets when we pass them... Loki? he's totally indifferent. while he LOVES to chase birds, i can call him off ducks and things like that. but not juno. cats too. i can't trust her with cats. small fearful dogs worry me with her (like a teacup poodle or chi) who is afraid of big dogs for example, but if they are confident she won't bother them. I know what you mean about not blaming her. i'm so sorry for your loss tho... darn storm! ;) i'm curious to learn how she did it (escaped and got into the pens) if you ever find out, post it!

  9. Oh my goodness. I don't know exactly what that means to you (because I've never owned chickens) but I know it must be awful. Bad dog! I'm sorry.

  10. Oh my goodness! I can just imagine what you must have been feeling! I hate it when this kind of thing happens - when you're FURIOUS at your dog but you know you can't do anything about it coz you haven't caught them in the act!!!!

    So sorry for all your chickens!



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