Saturday, July 16, 2011

We Have Rain!

I forgot to mention that we finally got rain!! It rained for almost two days. Even the roads in town flooded. They had to shut some of them down. We had mud puddles in our driveway for three days. The reason I'm so excited is because we haven't had rain in months. Here are some pictures I got while in town. I wanted to get some pictures of the horses in it, but of course by the time I got home it had slacked off. Oh well. Sorry the pictures aren't great. I was using my cell phone.

The parking lot was flooded. :D

Unfortunately it's already back up over 100F with high humidity. Oh well, better than ice and freezing cold. :D


  1. Raining here too but I can't complain as we need it badly as well. Still no fun poo picking in it and I've been through two coats already today :)

  2. I'd be happy to send you more rain! It has been raining all week as well as all year. We haven't even seen summer yet, I am starting to think we won't be having a summer this year.....
    Glad you got some well needed rain though!

  3. I sure hope you get some relief out of the rain that fell. Did the ground stay wet for very long? How'd horses do in the rain, did they like it? That's a long time to go without rain. I didn't realize it was getting that bad for you guys. It was spoke about on the evening news tonight how bad the heat is. Stay cool and take easy.

  4. That's awesome! Where I live, I always hope for thunderstorms, but rainy days are always great.
    And 100 degrees?! I think I might just keel over dead...



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