Sunday, July 31, 2011

Workout Week Three

Note: This was supposed to have posted already, but didn't so I'm back posting it for Sunday. And yes I missed Sunday Stills again. :(

Week Three

Strength Training: Wednesday, Friday & Sunday
Yoga/Pilates: Monday (about ten minutes)
Biking: Tuesday (5.1 miles), Wednesday (4 miles) & Thursday (1 mile)
Walking: Tuesday (1.4 miles)

On the dog exercise side of things I did much better. The 1.4 mile walk on Wednesday was with the dogs, the one mile bike on Thursday was with them and at that point Jackal started limping because he scraped one of his paw pads so we took a break from the biking. My husband took them for walks on two other days when I was busy so they got out a little more. I still need to get more consistent with their exercise, but even though Jackal wants to go I want his paw to heal too. He's looking much better though now that he's lost some weight again. :)

I did my Bowflex workout three times, so that was perfect. I left the lower back extensions out on Friday because I was a little sore, but other than that I did the full workout of two reps at thirty pounds of each exercise (8 total exercises). I've been focusing mainly on my form on the exercises and now that I've got those down I'm going to increase the weight by five pounds.

Also on Sunday we spent two hours at a friend's swimming pool and played a really long game of pool volleyball so I'm sure that counts as exercise. :D

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  1. It pains me everytime I have to read these updates...;)

    I'm glad your sticking to it, good for you!

    Poor Jackal, I'm glad his foot is getting better. My brother in law trimmed Fred's nails yesterday, no blood or anything but he's seems a little tenderfooted. Poor guy. I hate doing it, and he offered.


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