Wednesday, September 28, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Jackal watching my friend eat out of the corner of his eye because he's not supposed to beg. :D


  1. Give him a snack before his head explodes!


  2. Hi there!

    I just finished reading your older posts and I am now starting to follow your updates :)

    You have a lovely blog and it's nice to see how Jackal is doind with the tricks. And it's also interesting read about your other animals, which are more unknown to me than dogs but I would really like to know more about. Someday I'm going to live in the countryside and then I'm hopefully getting some hens and maybe a lamb(s) (and of course dogs and at least one cat to chase mice :D). That's my dream. I'm not a farmer but I'm still dreaming of my own organic farm with cows and pigs too. Not sure if it's never coming true but I'm hopeful and I would really like to get to school were to learn things I need to know.

    I have a question too. Are your chickens, turkeys and ducks just not only for fun and because of eggs of course but also for the food, to yourself or maybe to the dogs when they die/are killed? Sorry if my question is a little bit rough but I'm curious.

    Have a wonderful autumn!



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