Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jackal's Trick Progress

Yesterday, I worked on paws in a bucket first. I clicked him once for looking at it and a few times for holding his paw over the bucket and then I only clicked if his paw went in the bucket. It took six or seven clicks before he started putting the paw on the bottom. He was switching out paws, but he's definitely more confident with his left paw. I ended the bucket training with him placing his left paw on the bottom of the bucket and staying there for a second instead of immediately jerking it back out. The bucket is elbow height so it's a little uncomfortable for him. I tilted it slightly to help out, but I want it stable so it doesn't fall over and scare him. I might need to find a shorter one.

Then we worked on Say Your Prayers. When I got his foot stool out he got SUPER excited. Like so excited he wasn't paying attention, so I grabbed some treats, got behind him and placed him in a sit, like I did at the end of the last video. As soon as I had him sitting and held my hand over the stool he plopped both paws on it!! It only took two times before he started doing it without me behind him. He started popping up out of the sit, but all I had to do was remind him to sit and then he'd put his paws up without me having to touch him or get behind him. Such a good boy! I was very happy with his enthusiasm and how much he remembered. It makes me feel better about the crappy session last time. :)

Sorry no video this time. It was a spur of the moment session late at night lol. I was too tire to set up the video camera. :)


  1. Ohh, very cool and cute! I posted 2 videos on my blog of me riding Enzo and Kaspin. I know you are a busy woman!! So I thought I would just let you know!! Have fun always! I am glad your farier visit went so well also!!!

  2. It is so interesting how much they really do retain from one day to the next. It seemed like he was close to understanding in the video. that's really neat!


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