Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall Gardening

Since we were unable to make a summer garden we're going to do a fall garden. We're probably coming at it a little late, but I think it will be okay. We're using the area around the front porch for planting. When you're on less than two acres with most of it on a slope you have to get imaginative lol. We were going to plant a big garden on the lease land, but figuring out how to run water and keep deer and other wildlife (not to mention the horses) caused us to run out of time. Hopefully next year. Here are some pictures of our progress so far.

I forgot to get a picture of it when it was still covered in knee high grass,
but this is it after we uprooted the grass with pickaxes and hoes.

Sort of hard to see, but this is some of the grass we uprooted. There was a ton of it.

This is after we put out chicken litter from our chicken coop that
has been aging since our coop was destroyed during early spring.

My husband wet it down really well when we were done.

Next week we will plant (and figure out a way to keep the chickens out of it!).


  1. Phew! You've been busy! I need a nap. It looks very nice. I keep getting little glimpses of your house now and then. I just love the rock work, it looks really cute. Maybe sometime you could toss out some photos of what it looks like, I only have my imagination. Unless I've missed a post..

  2. Just getting what's in the ground out is hard work. I'm out pulling puncture vine weeds first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening every day. They grow so ridiculously fast.


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