Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jackal's Prayers Progress Video

Okay, I normally only post nice videos of our training sessions, but our first session with learning Say Your Prayers went horrible!! The video is almost fifteen minutes long (sorry!) with very few cuts from the original footage to show how the actual session went. I was going to explain what was going on, but it's late and I have to get up at 5am so I'll write more about it tomorrow. The captions and titles explains a little. Sorry if you can't watch videos. Let me know what you think. It's pretty crappy.

Good night guys.


  1. Yeah the frustration was definately there. Jackal really did seem like he was trying to figure out what you wanted. He's so cute. I don't think he ever got frustrated, so that's good. And you did end on a very good note. I really felt your frustration. that's exactly what I do. I haven't even tried with Fred since that last video, I felt like such a failure, and I think Fred was getting frustrated. Not fun for either of us. Maybe we will try again. I am glad you showed this, it's nice to see a trick in progress not just the end result. Thank you.

  2. Yeah, not good to be training when you are feeling frustrated. That was a really long session too which says a lot for his mental abilities. He is eager to learn and figure things out which is great. Just be patient.

    Mango Momma


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