Monday, September 12, 2011

Workout Week Eight

Week Eight

Strength Training: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
Yoga/Pilates/Tae Bo: None
Biking: Monday (5mi) & Wednesday (1mi)
Walking/Running: None

My poor dogs. I haven't done any walking. I biked five miles on Monday and one mile on Wednesday, but that's all of the cardio I've done. For some reason I've had no energy this week. I did my Bowflex routine on Monday at 35 pounds (with legs at 40lbs and arms at 25lbs). On Tuesday I did everything at 35lbs, except for the curls I did at 25lbs. On Thursday I did everything at forty pounds, but didn't do the curls. Boy I felt that workout. I think I've had my weight too low. I really hate this routine though so I didn't do anything Friday.

I made a new routine after doing some research. I learned that the reason a lot of people don't like workout equipment like the Bowflex is because the majority of the exercises are isolation exercises that only work one muscle group. Compound exercises that work several muscle groups are a lot more effective for building muscle and burning calories. The Bowflex doesn't have many compound choices, but I don't have the money for free weights so I'll make do. My new routine is going to consist of doing upper body Monday and Thursday and lower body Tuesday and Friday. I'll do my compound exercises first and then any isolation exercises I want to do after. I also learned that mixing the routine up instead of doing the same order every time helps to prevent muscle adaptation so the workout will be more effective for longer. I'll do this routine for three weeks and then switch to something else. :)

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