Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Stills - On the Road

This week's Sunday Stills challenge was to take pictures of roads. I thought it would be too easy and completely boring, but I wanted to do it anyway since I've missed a few weeks. I decided to go for a drive and snap a few photos, thinking two or three would be enough. I took my husband (he drove so I could take pictures) and Jackal along for company and it turned out to be a very relaxing and productive drive. I took 127 pictures! Here are the best ones.

First a picture of Jackal on the way home after we took a walk with a neighbor's horses to visit the cute foals born this year.

He tried to chase down three cute female Beagles so he was panting pretty hard when he got in the car. Brat. :D

I really wasn't expecting roads to be interesting or fun subject matter, but it really was.

This challenge made me slow down and really look for the beauty around me.

And yes there is beauty everywhere, even in roads.

This is actually someone's driveway! Jealous! :D

A picture through the side mirror of Jackal looking back down the road.

Why couldn't this awesome grasshopper have been available during birds and bees/insects week?

I love this old one lane bridge.

Another bigger bridge.

Jackal looks goofy in this shot, but I had to include it.

Thanks for the interesting challenge Ed. I really enjoyed the quality time with my husband and dog. :)

Jackal had so much fun he had to take a nap with me on the couch.
I love how his rope toy and bone are sitting next to the cell phone lol.

I gave him a bath when we got back and he's so soft and cuddly.


  1. Great shots! I thought this was gonna be a fun challenge and was right. I could have taken a ton more shots also. Oh I love the shot of your dog on the side of the road.

  2. If only roads could talk...Those were some really cool pictures. I am glad you took a minute to take it all in. Thanks!

  3. Great shots indeed, and yes roads are really interesting and fun filled, especially when you take them raw first time.

    I loved the shot you took thru the mirror with the dog looking behind to the roads.


  4. I liked this assignment too, because no two roads are the same. It's just as much about what is surrounding the road as the road itself. We got a chance to see many different landscapes. Jackal must smell nice. Would you believe that after four baths with special ingredients, Scrappy still smells like a skunk? Either he's going outside each night and getting sprayed again, or that baby skunk had extra-pungent glands.

  5. Loved your photos. I'm not much for riding on roads but that selection would have been fun and interesting to ride down....great job.

  6. Great post :) I really enjoyed the creativity and the raw effect. I love those road covered by trees.. I can imagine how it is gonna be in autumn..

  7. Glad ya enjoyed the quality time, sometimes its worth the time to just slow down and enjoy life, great shots, it looks like Tennessee there..:-)


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