Monday, December 12, 2016


 I was looking at the pictures of the goats I took over Thanksgiving and thought I would share a comparison on how much they've grown since we brought them home.  I really need to get more updated pictures, but been busy as ever.

Jade when we picked her out at the breeder.

Jade at Thanksgiving.  Still small, but she has grown some.

Topaz when we brought her home (I don't have pictures from the month before when we went to the breeder, because she was a last minute decision when we picked them up).

Topaz at Thanksgiving.  It's hard to see scale in photos, but she has definitely gotten bigger.

Garnet when we picked her out.  She is a month older than the other doelings.

Garnet at Thanksgiving.  Again hard to tell how much she's grown, but trust me she has!

Pearl when we picked her out at the breeder.

Pearl shortly after bringing her home.

Pearl at Thanksgiving.  Fatty!

Jasper when we picked him out at the breeder.

Jasper a month later when we brought him home.

Jasper at Thanskgiving.  I think he changed the most hehe.

Also a comparison of Coral's weight.  She was thin when we brought her home because she was still nursing Pearl and the breeder doesn't feed grain.

Coral when we brought her home.

Coral at Thanksgiving (granted she was almost three months pregnant here haha).

  It's fun watching them grow and change.  Part of the reason I love raising goats.  :D

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