Friday, December 2, 2016

Jack's Outside Time

 There are two things that are really important for squirrels.  Calcium and Vitamin D.  Calcium is taken care of through a careful diet, but vitamin D is best absorbed directly from the sun.  So every day after work I would take Jack outside to play on our patio furniture and soak up some rays.  When he got big enough to be loose on the porch we started just letting him play on there instead since one side is west facing and he can sun bathe on the window sill.  Do any of your know if they still absorb sun through window screen?  I know they don't through glass, but I think they do through the screen.  Anyway here are some pictures of his first few days outside.  Oh and these are crappy cell phone pictures... sorry!

First day outside...

Second day outside....

 Jackal was obsessed with him in the beginning.

 I love how he flattens himself out on his belly when he wears himself out.


 I also started putting branches on the chairs so he could have fun on them.
He LOVED that!

Third day outside...

Fourth day outside....

He wore himself out so much he fell asleep in my arms.  He opened his eyes for the picture darn it.  It was so cute though and such a special moment because he's normally so full of energy that he doesn't like to cuddle.

 Seventh day outside...

 I LOVE when he stretches out with his tail curled.  So cute!!

Ninth day outside...

You can see him grow right before your eyes in these photos.  :D

That's all for today.


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