Sunday, December 18, 2016

It's So Cold!!

 Emi peeking out of the igloo.

Since Jackal never used his igloo we moved it out of his pen and showed it to the cats.  They LOVE it!  All four cats sleep in it every night.  In the above picture I know Emi and Pharaoh are in it.  Shadow might be too.  OrangeJello was behind me, eating.

Anyway, the temperature dropped from mid seventies to mid twenties in one day (and has been below twenty at night since then), so I've been worried about the animals.  They are all doing well though.  The cats have their igloo full of blankets and I put fresh warm water out every day.

Topaz getting her daily scratches and cuddles.

The does were actually all shivering today.... :(  They are not used to the cold weather.  Jade was smart and stayed in the barn, but the others were out browsing around for acorns.  Silly goats.  We are giving them free choice hay and I take a bucket of hot water out twice a day for them.  I think it is just the sudden change that is getting to them, because normally the cold doesn't bother them at all.  I'll keep a close eye on them, but there is no way to lock them in the barn so there isn't much else I can do except keep them well fed and hydrated.  The cold snap is only supposed to last a couple of more days and then it will get back up into the fifties, so I'm sure they will be fine.

 This guy isn't at all bothered!

Of course he gets to sleep inside at night so of course he doesn't care.  I've been wanting to get a picture of him on the screen for a while now so I'm excited about this picture lol.  I love his cute white belly.  When he is sitting up on his haunches we call it his white Buddha belly hehe.  He's adorable.  The dove is doing well too.  I forgot to get a picture of her oops.

I hope everyone is doing well with the cold.  I know some places are below zero!!  I can't even imagine it being that cold!!  Brr!

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