Monday, December 19, 2016

Jackal Puppy Pictures

Does anyone remember how freaking adorable Jackal was as a puppy???

 Soaked from playing in his pool.

 He loved Frisbee!

 OMG soaked Jackal puppy straight out of the bath!!

 He LOVED his pool!

 He loves going fishing with us.

 Adorable just isn't a strong enough word!!

 Those ears!

 Sleeping on hubby's chest.

 Catching toads out of the pool the ducks made nasty lol.

 Spoiled rotten!

 Sitting by the wood stove to stay warm.

 Seriously spoiled!!

 If I was on the couch he was piled up on, next to or behind me (like above).

 Rotten and he knows it.

 Just because I can't get enough below are some of my favorite pictures of Jackal over the years.

 I was cleaning my horse tack and he wouldn't move... so cute!

 That was a fun walk down memory lane.  I need to get some current pictures of him.  I've been so bad about not taking pictures lately...


  1. He's grown into a handsome dog! My favourite picture is Jackal with you in that pretty blue dress.
    Merry Christmas from the 4Shoes!


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