Friday, December 9, 2016

Impatiently Waiting

I'm impatiently awaiting baby goats. Winter always seems to last forever!  Here are some pictures of my adorable, pregnant girls.  I hope you enjoy them.  :D

I got Coral doing her high stepping walk over brush.. too bad her head was behind a sapling.

 Topaz loves her butt scratches lol.

These are blurry because Garnet would not look at me so I jumped in the air while snapping the pictures.  Hehe.
 I love how confident and friendly Topaz is.  She LOVES cuddles and scratches.
 Garnet has such a gorgeous face.

 Coral is looking so chubby.  I love it.  She is still wild as a march hare.

The way we are keeping them from climbing in and ruining their hay bale is by putting cattle panels around it.  So far it's working great.  As they eat the hay we can pull it tighter around the bale.  One is a straight piece that we need to cut down, but the other is wrapped around it.  We will put a roof over it as soon as we can.

 My headless goat (Topaz) enjoying her hay.

 Pretty Coral...

 ... and her pretty (fat) daughter Pearl.

 The sun was starting to set and the evening light is so nice.

 Even though they have hay they love chewing on saplings.

Did I mention Emi and her kittens follow us everywhere??  OrangeJello does most of the time.  It depends on how lazy he's feeling.  Above are Shadow (notice we changed her name?  ShadowCat suits her more than Smokey) in the hay bale and Pharaoh's gorgeous face.  Love them.

I guess it's back to waiting... *taps fingers*

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