Saturday, December 3, 2016

Rest in Peace Sweet Gray Kitty & Crockett

We had to put Gray Kitty to sleep today.  She was fifteen years old.  My husband got her as a teeny tiny kitten in 2001 from a retired military German lady.  He's had her for her entire life.  She had a really great life, spoiled rotten.  She was housebroken just like a dog and even knew how to use the dog door.  She lived inside and outside at her own whim.   She's even lived in multiple states.  I met her when I met my husband in 2006.  I don't even know what else to say.  My heart is broken.  I can't believe she is gone.  Here are some of my favorite pictures of her...

She was so young here.  He didn't have kitten pictures though.

 She ruled the roost inside and outside.

I need to find the original full sized picture of this one.  I love it!

 She had such an expressive face.

 Gorgeous eyes!  The prettiest eyes of any cat I've ever met.

 Taking one of her much loved dust baths.

 Again those eyes!

 She had such a fluffy winter coat.

 She and Jackal even got along.

My heart is broken.  She was a lone cat for so long, that when we got the other cats they started beating up on her, so she went back to being an indoor only cat.  Luckily she was able to enjoy sun bathing on the screened in porch though, so she still got fresh air.  It was good timing anyway because she was slowing down, getting arthritic, etc.  I want to remember her like she was before though, a fiery spitball that ruled everyone back in her day.  I've loved a lot of cats in my life, but I can truly say she was the best one of them all.  I'll never forget her.

Things have really been rough lately, because we also lost Crockett the day after Thanksgiving.

Even though we didn't have him long I was very attached to him.  He was the first registered purebred goat I've ever had, the first Myotonic, the first trained show goat, etc.  He was a very special goat who had lived a very good life.  I was worried he wouldn't make it through the winter with his crippling arthritis, but I had hope.  Sadly hope isn't enough.  Maybe it is for the best... he would have suffered so much in the cold weather with his arthritis even though he had a stall in the barn.

I will miss him so much and I'm just thankful he bred the does, so we will have Crockett babies running around next year.  I'm at a loss for what we will do next breeding season... I had so many plans for Crockett... but we have time to figure it out.  For now I just want to focus on my does and kidding out healthy babies next year.  I forgot how heartbreaking the goat business can be... or life in general with animals... :(

 I will miss you sweet boy.

Monday we will get back to my scheduled squirrel posts.  I'm glad I made them and scheduled them a while back because I really don't feel like blogging right now.


  1. I'm so sorry for your double whammy. I hope Crockett's kids turn out happy and healthy and in his likeness.

    1. Thank you. Me too. I'm so impatient to see his babies.

  2. So sorry about your sweet gray kitty. You had her for so long and she was a big part of your lives. She did have gorgeous eyes. It will be hard but if it was time for her you did the right thing. RIP sweet kitty.

    And sorry about Crockett he was beautiful. At least you will have Crockett babies soon. It's so hard to lose all these animals we love. Feel better knowing they had happy well cared for lives and they were loved. Hang in there.

    1. Thank you. Everything you said is right. It's so hard losing them. Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Grey Kitty, so pretty. My favourite pictures are her dust bathing (my cats do that) & that first winter one for the look of complete cats-only confidence.
    Every animal we love leaves a mark on our hearts, so sorry for your pain.
    I'll look especially forward to your kid pics next year; they had a good looking daddy.

    1. Thank you. Gray kitty lived a long spoiled life so I try not to be too sad.

      I'm definitely looking forward to Crockett babies. I'm glad we will have them to remember him by.

  4. Such sad news. I am so sorry. I know you will miss them both.

  5. Sorry about all of the bad news. Losing your pets is always very hard :(

    1. It is so hard. Thank you for your comment.


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