Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Belated Chrome Progress Report

I was going to post about the turkeys today, but I completely forgot to do Chrome's progress report yesterday. He turned fourteen month old yesterday. I'll post about the turkeys on Thursday.

Date: 7-19-10 (just posting a day late)
Age: 14 months
Height: Just shy of 14.1hh (a little over 4ft 8in/56.7in/144cm/1.44m)
Height Gain: Almost three quarters of an inch.
Weight: Approx 650lbs (294.8kg)
Weight Gain: About thirty pounds. Can you tell I increased his feed?
Progress: Chrome is doing great. He's on free choice hay and I ran out of beet pulp so I haven't been feeding it anymore. He's gained weight and looks great. I've taken him for a few walks and he's done fabulous. I've also loaded him on the trailer a few times and he did good. I haven't really worked on anything else. Oh wait! I did fly spray him while he was eating without having to put a halter on him! :D
Goals: My goal for this month is to start introducing him to things like saddle blankets, plastic bags, etc. The crazy thing is he does most of his de-spooking by himself!! Check out the hard work (I took pictures and he played hard) we did with a box yesterday below . . .

He completely destroyed the cardboard box. And thoroughly enjoyed it lol.

Here he dropped it and then walked through it. He actually put two hooves in it. I just missed the perfect shot. Learning to walk over unfamiliar objects and surfaces is a great lesson! Good thinking Chrome! ;)

Stuffing your face in a box is not something I would have thought of. :)

Even Zep got in on the action.

Zeppelin showing off his pretty neck action too. :)

One last thing before I go. We were weighing the goats so that we could give them their wormer and Storm was standing there watching so I told my husband to grab her. She weighed FORTY SIX POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!! She's never weighed over thirty nine pounds in her entire life! And she's not fat either. Check out these pictures.

Can you believe she's nine? If it weren't for her eye problems you would never guess.


  1. Wow! One more inch, and he will be as tall as Cole. Do you have an idea as to how tall he will get?

    I love how Zep watched to box destruction and then had to give it a try, himself.

    Storm is a lovely dog.

  2. Looking gorgeous at 9 years young, Storm.

  3. Thanks for your comment this morning. I posted more information regarding that award on my blog.

  4. Chrome looks great, so does Storm. Love the pics of him playing with the box, he's such a cool horse ;D

  5. All your animals are gorgeous!! I love seeing pictures of them. Especially Storm. :)


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