Friday, July 23, 2010

Turkey Pics, Answers & More Bad News

Jasmine is very, very sick (which is why I didn't post yesterday) and we're still not 100% certain she'll pull through. If everyone would please keep her in their thoughts I would appreciate it.

I promised to show you pictures of my baby turkeys. They are so ugly at this age lol. They look like little vultures.

Also in answer to Wednesday's question . . .

It was a lawnmower that Chrome was looking at. :) Zep tried to tell him it was no big deal.

While we mowed the pasture I also turned my fatty Jackal out to run around some. Chrome had fun following him around. Jackal was so into his sniffing that he barely paid attention lol.

Jackal ran around some but he spent most of his time sniffing out chicken poop lol.

And being a true farm dog he had a drink out of the horse's water trough. :)

Anyway sorry the bad news kind of puts a damper on things, but I'm sure with continued treatment and all of your good thoughts that Jasmine will pull through. I'll update as soon as we know something.


  1. I'm so sorry -- I'll definitely keep Jasmine in my thoughts.

    I don't know why, but I must have a thing for donkeys! Led is so cute!

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  3. Saying lots of prayers for sweet Jasmine!!!

  4. I sure hope Jasmine pulls through. This must be very hard on you. She is such a pretty goat.

    I like the turkey babies. My uncle used to raise the wild ones, and keep them as pets in Georgia. They lived wild, but would hang out with him when he went on walks and roost on the roof. When he moved to Kansas, he had to leave them behind, and didn't tell the new owners of the house about them. I often wonder what they thought when they moved in and realized they were sharing their yard with a dozen turkeys.

  5. Good wishes for a speedy and complete recovery by Jasmine.

  6. I'm hoping Jasmine pulls through. What's wrong with her?
    Chrome looks so big! You don't worry about your dog getting stepped on?

  7. Oh yeah, my neighbor has a bunch of turkeys. I hear them gobbling every so often. Crazy!


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